Let's fight fake news with crowd wisdom.

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What is Yabby?

Yabby uses crowd wisdom to alert fake news. Every page, image or document on the internet can be marked by Yabby users as true or false. The votes are stored in the blockchain so Yabby cannot be censored of hacked.

Yabby will disrupt the internet. It will make everybody think twice before they publish fake news or share it. It’s a PR nightmare. Therefore it will be much discussed and sell itself. Since most posts on the current social networks consist of shared external content, Yabby (being a platform about external content) has a very high potential.

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restore people's trust in the internet

Society is more and more concerned about ‘alternative facts’ (basically another term for propaganda). Journalists, scientists, politicians are concerned about manipulation of public opinion. Tech firms like Facebook, Google and Twitter are concerned about their credibility. And individuals who are being bullied online are concerned about their reputation.

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