Let's fight fake news with crowd wisdom.

Pre ICO starts soon

Our Core

What is Yabby?

Yabby uses crowd wisdom to alert fake news. Every page, image or document on the internet can be marked by Yabby users as true or false. The votes are stored in the blockchain so Yabby cannot be censored of hacked.

Yabby will disrupt the internet. It will make everybody think twice before they publish fake news or share it. It’s a PR nightmare. Therefore it will be much discussed and sell itself. Since most posts on the current social networks consist of shared external content, Yabby (being a platform about external content) has a very high potential.

You can help us

restore people's trust in the internet

Society is more and more concerned about ‘alternative facts’ (basically another term for propaganda). Journalists, scientists, politicians are concerned about manipulation of public opinion. Tech firms like Facebook, Google and Twitter are concerned about their credibility. And individuals who are being bullied online are concerned about their reputation.


ICO Roadmap

ICO preparation phase

We’ve acquired € 40k from angel investors and we are currently shaping the conditions for the ICO.

  • Register venture
  • Complete team, advisory board and partner network
  • Creative concepting of the communication campaign
  • Prepare marketing campaign
  • Write final white paper

We’re counting down to T, the ICO date.

Token sale

Motivation to buy tokens

Supply and demand

The supply and demand platform uses Yabby tokens as currency. Main demand will be for:

  • API license to use the Yabby index in third party environments. Think of search engines, social media platforms and publishers. In the explainer video above, you can see an example how a social media users posts a URL. The social media platform performs an automated lookup of that URL in Yabby and displays the credibility score in the user’s post. The platform pays in Yabby tokens for each lookup.
  • Advertisers. The more the Yabby community grows, the narrower the targeting. We expect to offer targeting narrow enough for small businesses after 5 years which opens up a huge demand for reach via our platform. In the earlier years, broad advertising can also be interesting for brands and corporates.

Other supply and demand features are explained in the white paper.

Limited supply of tokens

All supply and demand will have to go via our tokens. API users, advertisers etcetera have to buy tokens from a limited pool. The higher the demand for our services, the higher the token value.

Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team

Program lead

Sandor Bakker

Head of sales

Peter J. Boulogne

Our Advisory Board


Bas Roos


Chris Jongeling

Token Structure

Token Distribution

The fixed amount of pre mined tokens is 380,000,000. There will be no generation of more tokens. 65% of the tokens will be sold in an ICO at a price of € 0,10. Pre ICO buyers will get a bonus up to 40%. Bonuses in the ICO depend on the wave and run from 30% (early buyers) to 5%. Unsold tokens will be burned.

  • 65% ICO

  • 10% Team

  • 9% Founders

  • 12% Community

  • 4% Special

Token Structure

ICO Distribution

The 65% part of the token distribution will be spent on platform development, liquidity reserve and communication. There’s also 10% bonus for the partners, advisors and angel investors. These funds are in ETH.

  • 5% Angel investors

  • 5% Partners and advisors

  • 70% Platform and community development

  • 20% Liquidity reserve

Token Structure

Soft and hard cap

Since there are 380M tokens generated, the ICO hard cap is € 19,8M. The soft cap is € 5,2M. If the soft cap is not reached, the buyers in the ICO phase will get a 100% refund. With the soft cap proceeds, Yabby will build the product and the community. It’s all about the community – the faster it grows, the more user generated content and hence the higher the profit. For that reason, we set a hard cap as it is. The extra proceeds enable us to speed up the community growth.

  • € 5,2M Soft cap

  • € 19,7M Hard cap